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Facial Huntingdon Spa

Huntingdon Spa provides a range of facials which are tailored to your skin type. This includes cleanse (with facial steamer), exfoliatation, treatment mask, tone and moisturiser. Facials include lymphatic facial drainage, décolleté massage (chest, back, neck and shoulder massage) to help relieve tension, improve circulation, and improve skin tone.  We also include complimentary Indian Head Massage.  The massage is performed using our signature oil Lavender, Peppermint, Lemongrass & Rosemary. This will help you to relax and snooze whilst you enjoy the soothing music and all your tension will drift away. This is a deeply relaxing treatment and ideal for cleansing, hydrating and refreshing the skin.

Priadara is a natural organic range that contains no chemicals. It's made purely from natural herb oils and fruit enzymes. The history behind the range is Huntingdon and Cambridge Regional College dropped a leading household brand name 3 years ago, in favour of this range. As it's a superior product, natural, organic and less money. All local level 2-3 beauty therapists are trained using this range.

Priadara have15 years experience of formulating perfect synergy. These unique formulations give you the highest quality that guarantees to produce significant improvements to your skin.

Produced in the UK to the highest standards and using the finest raw materials we are proud to offer Priadara: a product range to be proud of.  Individuals around the world who hand pick essential herbs and fruits for Priadara are directly rewarded.

Free samples are available please ask your therapist which are suitable for your skin type on your next visit to the Spa.

What is in Priadara products?

-Natural botanical plant and herbal extracts
-Essentials oils of the highest quality
-Vitamin therapy
-Rare and exotic seed oils
-The finest emollients and humectant
-UV B protection in all moisturisers
-Minimal preservatives

Priadara skincare products do not contain:

-Mineral oils
-Artificial colouring
-Harsh alcohol
-Artificial fragrances
-Comedogenic ingredients
-Animal extracts

Priadara Professional is derived by science but approved by nature. Every product contains two or more essential oils. When blended together certain essential oils have a mutually enhancing effect on each other thus increasing the overall effects on the skin. Priadara skincare is divided into 3 skin modes, each with a signature colour name to help you recognise the products at a glance.


The sedating range reduces redness, irritation and restores skin health. Mango seed and vitamin E counteract tightness adding moisture. Raspberry extract reduces sensitivity while chamomile, lavender and neroli provide gentle soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. This synergy of specifically selected ingredients repairs and restores the natural oils required for protection of delicate skins.

Smooth & Soothing best for Pregnancy and Eczema Suffers


A Quenching facial replenishes the skins natural moisture levels protecting against the elements. Bathe dry, dehydrated skins with humectants, nutrients and vitamins from botanical extracts. Hemp oils essential fatty acids improve the hydo lipid coat of the skin responsible for good cellular health. Orange, Lime, Sandalwood, frankincense and neroli all feed moisture to these skins whilst panthenol aids tissue healing. 

Thirsty Skin Needs Quench best for dry skin



Stabilise and restore the balance of sebaceous secretions whilst helping to hydrate dehydrated cells. Camelina oil, high in Omega-3 gently treats these skins without causing dryness or irritation. Olive and shea butter moisturise whilst geranium and mandarin regulate and balance.

Stabilise Your Skin best for unbalanced skin

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