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Deep Tissue Massage Huntingdon

Huntingdon Spa Signature Massage


This Deep Tissue Massage includes décolleté massage, arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology (Foot Massage) - either or option available, to be discussed on the day with your therapist.

The pressure is deep, this is a deep tissue massage that includes Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage its a great stress buster. Please request lighter pressure for relaxation. 

For this luxury deep tissue massage, please request to include tension release back massage, if this is your main problem area. This option is also available for couples massage.


45 Mins £45, 1 Hour £60 or 1.5 Hours £90


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Female therapists - male therapist available upon request

Our signature aromatherapy massage oil is lavender, lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary.